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Jingze Firm Successfully Applied for the Recognition of 7 Well-known Trademarks

By attentive works and diligent efforts, Jingze Firm has assisted 7 enterprises with the successful application for the recognition of 7 well-known trademarks. These trademarks include:

1. QIULIN and graphic trademark, Harbin Tyurin Confectionary Plant Co., Ltd.;

2. No. 1194849 graphic trademark, Shenzhen Nanyang Jinxiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

3. YATAI and graphic trademark, Hebei Yatai Electrochemical Co., Ltd,

4. GAOFENG and graphic trademark, Zhejiang Goffen Holding Group Co., Ltd.

5. No. 104191 graphic trademark, Kunming Pharmacy Group Co., Ltd.

6. HAIDILAO trademark, Sichuan Haidilao Restaurant Co., Ltd.

7. Fairyfair and graphic trademark, Shenzhen Fairyfair Fashion Co., Ltd.