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Jingze Firm Represented Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. and Won the Lawsuit against TRAB

The application filed by Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as PPE) for trademark registration of “PRINCE OF PEACE” was refused by the Trademark Office.  The refusal review filed afterwards was also ruled against PPE by Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (hereinafter referred to as TRAB). Our law firm entrusted by PPE, assigned this case to Attorney Guoqiang Wang and Attorney Donghai Liu. Our lawyers brought an administrative action before the First Intermediate Court of Beijing on behalf of PPE, requesting the court to revoke TRAB’s ruling.

The Trademark Office and TRAB both held that this trademark has adverse social influence, on the grounds that this trademark could be translated into “Jesus Christ”.  After careful and thorough analysis, our firm’s lawyers argued that even though this trademark could be construed as “Jesus Christ”, “Jesus Christ” is not the only meaning of this trademark, but a hidden meaning. Recognition function of trademarks is referred to consumers. Normal consumers would construe this trademark as “peaceful prince” rather than “Jesus Christ”.  Furthermore, this trademark has been registered and put into use for many years in U.S.A and other countries without bringing any adverse influence.

Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court heard this case openly and ruled that this trademark would not exert adverse social influence, and that TRAB shall revoke its previous ruling and make a new one. Afterwards, TRAB filed an appeal with the Beijing High People’s Court which upheld the decision of Beijing Frist Intermediate People’s Court.