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Jingze Rated as Advanced Collectives in “Legal Service into Buildings” Activity

Jingze Law Firm acted actively in the activity titled “Legal Service into Buildings” which was held by Beijing Xicheng Lawyers Association. During the past three months, Jingze lawyers excellently completed all kinds of work pertaining to the activity with active and serious working attitude. Consequently, Jingze Law Firm was rated as Advanced Collectives in Legal Service into Building activity.

Attorney Wei Wang and Xiaoqing Zhang, who were spoken highly of, were rated as Advanced Individual by virtue of their marvelous performance.

 Through this activity, Jingze law firm will continue to offer high-quality and efficient legal service and legal aid work. It will continue making contributions to the establishment of harmonious Xicheng district, improving our legal service, enhancing the establishment of legal aid network system, expanding advertising and upgrading the level of legal service and legal aid work.